The NYSCATE 2014 Annual Conference will be the biggest and brightest.

New logo, new workshops, new initiatives will engage attendees and enhance their learning experience to bring back to students. Airigami will create a huge structure from balloons during the Maker Faire that will be enjoyed during the entire conference.

Some of the new initiatives are the Maker Faire and EdCamp and Start Up Weekend in addition to all of the awesome workshops and pre-conference workshops that are offered every year! The vendor floor is full, the entertainment is planned, and the conference registration fee includes all meals!

Pre-Conference Workshops – 14 professional development opportunities with presenters from New York, Norway, and Rochester Institute of Technology! This year we have 2 and 4 hour workshop options.

Registration Form

Conference Brochure

Summer Reading!

While many schools provide suggested summer reading list, I wonder how many educators take time during the summer for professional reading.

This summer I’ve been reading quite a lot. I tend to read articles, but I have picked up a few books that have only enhanced my instructional practices.

The DIY World of Maker Tools and Their Uses – very timely topic and will be a big focus of the 2014 NYSCATE Conference.

The Importance of Asking Questions to Promote Higher-Order Competencies – Common Core Aligned for questioning strategies.


Evidence & Arguments: Lesson Planning (Video) – Common Core Aligned lesson about identifying main ideas and developing arguments.

Project Based Learning – 5 Keys to Rigorous Project Based Learning (Video Series)- I have co-presented PBL workshops and continue to search out resources to aid educators.


Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson – This book has helped me understand the APPR process and effective evaluation of educators.

Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick –  Great resource for understand how students behaviors of students and adults.

Summer 2014 Professional Development Opportunities

Summer is almost here and there are a plethora of Professional Development Opportunities offered by Technology Services!

Summer 2014 Professional Development Catalog

All workshops listed in the link are FREE to Monroe #1 BOCES component districts. Otherwise, the costs is listed in the workshop description.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Doreen Pietrantoni doreen_pietrantoni@boces.monroe.edu


Beth Puckett beth_puckett@boces.monroe.edu

Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety

commonsensemediaAs a Certified Educator for Digital Citizenship through Common Sense Media, I can’t express how Digital Citizenship is a timely and important topic for students, teachers, and school cultures. This year I worked with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students using Common Sense Media’s Digital Passport Modules to teach students about Digital Citizenship.


Digital Passport offers interactive modules for students to learn about different aspects of Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship.

The Modules included are:DigitalPassport

Communication – Twalkers – the module discusses cell phone etiquette and safety.

Privacy – Share Jumper – the module discusses online safety with communication and passwords.

Upstander – E-volve – the module discusses standing up to a Cyberbully and appropriate behavior online.

Search – Search Shark – the module discusses effective searching on the internet.

Creative Credit – Mix-n-Mash – the module discusses how to give creative credit where credit is due with images, text, and music.

Students were eager to share connections, ask questions, and learn about Digital Citizenship. The interactive modules engaged them throughout the entire lesson and student applied their learning by creating a Public Service Announcement using the information they learned from Digital Passport and classroom discussions.

Effective Practice Video: Creating eBooks with iPads!

iPads in the First Grade Classroom

Mrs. Hutter’s class has been very productive with the iPads! The class has used the iPads for Math and ELA. The students have created eBooks, practiced Math facts, and gained fluency with sight words.


Below is a quick video about learning with iPads in the first grade classroom.

The students created non-fiction ebooks using the iPad and wrote and illustrated traditional books.

Hutter2   Hutter1   Hutter3


Hutter4   Hutter5


Gaming in Education

Today’s students live in a decidedly different world than students from 20 – 30 years ago. Gaming is a big part of many student’s lives and can be a useful tool for learning.

There are several intriguing articles that were provided by eSchool News.

How I Turned My Classroom into A Living Video Game

How To Engage Girls In Gaming

How Mainstream Video Games Are Being Used As Teaching Tools

Currently, there are classrooms using River City, a multi-user virtual environment that was created by Harvard as part of a gaming in education grant for Science learning. River City is an engaging game in which students create an avatar in order to use their 21st Century Science Knowledge in the 19th Century.  The program complies with Common Core Learning Standards and is now facilitated by Active Worlds.

Quest Atlantis is a multi-user 3-D gaming environment that provide many learning opportunities and is aligned to standards.

Mission US is a social studies/history gaming environment created by WXXI. Currently there are 3 gaming situations: For Crown or Glory, Flight to Freedom, A Cheyenne Odyssey. Each experience allows students to immerse themselves in the game. Teacher resources provided and aligned to standards.

There are numerous online gaming experiences focused on education:

Learning Games for Kids – Offers numerous online gaming experiences for all grade levels and curricular areas.

Nobel Prize – Games based on Nobel Prize award achievements. Appropriate for middle and high school students.

Free Rice  – Game in which rice is donated World Food Program

Learn 4 Good – Games for high school students.

Fun Brain – Games for several curricular areas.

PBS Kids – Numerous games to accompany PBS Kids programs


Assignment BOCES!

Recently, WXXI stopped the production of Assignment The World, one of the longest running educational programs–ever.  For 54 years, ATW would bring current events to classrooms in a 15 minute program.

To continue the tradition, Monroe #1 BOCES has created Assignment BOCES! a program that will be made monthly to highlight Global, National, and Local news.  Each month we will highlight a local district and how students are using technology in the classroom.  In addition, a Monroe #1 BOCES program will be highlighted.

If you have a student project or event that you would like to share, please contact Doreen Pietrantoni at doreen_pietrantoni@boces.monroe.edu or Mark D’Annunzio at mark_d’annunzio@boces.monroe.edu.


Assignment BOCES!  Pilot Video

2013 TLT Conference – Another Successful Year!

The 2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference was a great success again this year.  We’ve continued to reach teachers from around the region in order to hold an immersive 2 day conference.  Workshops such as Edmodo, Mission US, Smartboard, Appy Hours, and Flipped Classroom gave educations a hands on experience with a new or emerging technology.

The follow video is a highlight reel of the conference. Enjoy!
video platform video management video solutions video player

Project Based Learning

This summer I have co-facilitated 2 Project Based Learning Workshops (PBL), one focused on middle and high school and the other elementary. Teachers were engaged in the workshops and even asked for more time to spend together so they can roll up their sleeves and start planning.

The biggest misconception of classroom projects is that they are true PBL experiences. Most of the time that is not the case. Generally, classroom projects are activities or a series of activities that do not contain the elements of a PBL.

Project Based Learning Elements


PBL explained the very easy to understand Common Craft video

For a classroom example of PBL view below:

The Driving Question – How can we as students create public awareness of an environmental issue?

Environmental Project – Elementary Classroom

video]http://corp.kaltura.com”>video platform video management video solutions video player

There are numerous resources for educators at the http://www.bie.org website.  Take a look and download rubrics, project ideas, project planning sheets, etc.