Meet the Team!

Meet Doreen Pietrantoni!

I have been a New York State Certified teacher for 21 years in Secondary English and Elementary Education. Prior to joining Monroe #1 BOCES, I worked for Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES as a Coordinator of eLearning. I have taught in both Greece Central School District and Gates Central School District. Teaching is my second career, prior to teaching I was a Mechanical Engineer.

I joined Monroe #1 BOCES as an Instructional Technology Specialist in October 2007. As an ITS, I have created and facilitated instructional technology focused professional learning in face-to-face, online, virtual and hybrid learning environments in addition to co-teaching, coaching, and curriculum development.

My position has expanded to include Distance Learning. Through Distance Learning I have had the pleasure to create engaging learning experiences for students across New York State, specifically through the highly rated Erie Canal Mystery Through History. I continue to coordinate distance learning experiences for learners throughout the region with my participation in the New York State Distance Learning Consortium (NYSDLC). The consortium collaborates and coordinates numerous free classroom collaborations, career connections, and global distance learning connections.

No one could have predicted how important educator understanding of online learning, blended learning and virtual learning would be until school closures during the pandemic. Through diligent and focused pilots and year(s)-long professional learning experiences and projects, the impact of my role became more relevant than ever. Educators who participated in these learning experiences were prepared for what the pandemic threw at them and did not miss a beat facilitating learning no matter the environment.

I have volunteer for NYSCATE for 20 years, providing professional learning experiences, participating on the conference committee and as an elected member of the board. This affiliation has allowed me to work with educators across the state, nation and world and build relationships that help me grow as a professional. As a NYSCATE facilitator, I am bringing the NYS Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards (which I helped develop) to educators in my region through Smart Start Institutes each summer and interactive webinars throughout the school year.

I am ISTE Certified and have facilitated ISTE Certification professional learning opportunities for international educators. I have co-create and facilitate a grant project for NYC educators to integrate Computational Thinking into elementary curriculum and facilitated robotic workshops for southern California and NYS educators. These experiences have enriched my career and allow me to be a better advocate for technology integration throughout the state.


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