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May 12

Digital Resources – Take your classroom outside the brick walls!

There are a plethora of free resources for educators to enhance student learning and engagement. Take a look and see what will fit in your classroom instruction. Many of the resources below are perfect for the flipped classroom! Vlog Brothers – Science and ELA videos created by John & Hank Green (John Greene the author) …

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Dec 17

The Future of Technology in Education

Technology Trends What I’ve Noticed: Maker Everything – STEM & STEAM, coding, maker, 3-D Printing, hands on-inquiry based learning experiences Gaming – Minecraft anyone? Minecraft is being used in classrooms today, especially in math. There are also some other types of “gaming” in education such as PBS’s Mission US, River City, Atlantis to name a …

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Oct 07

Instructional Videos: Mini-Bytes and Effective Practice Videos

Instructional Videos for Educators Instructional Technology can be daunting for educators to use in the classroom. We have created several resources for educator use. Effective Practice Videos and Mini-Bytes are free for educators to use and learn. Effective Practice Videos: Under 5 minutes long, EPVs share successful technology integration in the classroom. iPads, Online Resources, …

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Jan 10

Gaming in Education

Today’s students live in a decidedly different world than students from 20 – 30 years ago. Gaming is a big part of many student’s lives and can be a useful tool for learning. There are several intriguing articles that were provided by eSchool News. How I Turned My Classroom into A Living Video Game How …

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