Primary Level Apps for Writing & Reading Literacy

I facilitated several iPad workshops over the last month and teachers have shared some awesome apps for primary students. You will see some of the apps have a Free or Cost version. Generally, the free version is limited, however you will be able to test the app to determine if it is worth the purchase.

Writing Apps:

Super Duper Story Maker (Free or $4.99)  – User friendly! StoryMaker has two screens — Create Story and Tell Story. In Create Story you make your stories, as well as edit and change them. In Tell Story you read, tell, and talk about your stories. For extra fun, record your voice and other sounds and have everyone listen to your stories.

Write About This (Free or $3.99) – Write About This is a visual writing prompt & creation platform perfect for classrooms and families! With endless ways to respond and the ability to craft custom photo prompts, it will kick-start any writing activity. 125 categorized images & 375 text+voice prompts included!

Writing Wizard ($4.99) – Writing Wizard is designed to help every child learn how to trace letters, numbers and words through a fun system carefully designed to maintain motivation.

Book Creator (Free or $4.99) – Book Creator is the simple way to make your own beautiful ebooks, right on your iPad.

Reading Apps:

Sight Word List (Free) – It combines fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension practice with entertaining, engaging graphics in a disguised-learning format. Children will want to play again and again and by doing so, will be learning up to 300 all-important sight words. Great for young learners and older children struggling with reading.

Alphabet Zoo (Free) – Alphabet Zoo is designed and reviewed by educators to teach children letter-sound association, an essential skill for learning to read. More importantly, kids have fun playing with the animals and creative sounds without even realizing they’re learning.

ABC Mouse (Free) – Teachers can create free classroom accounts at and students can use for free at home and in school. teaches through a variety of interactive learning activities including games, books, songs, art activities, puzzles and offline printables – all of which can be monitored by parents through an innovative Progress Tracker.

Rhyme Time (Free) – Rhyming activities provide the first steps in identifying the different sounds that make up a word and are a critical skill to master on the path towards becoming a good reader and a confident speaker.



Effective Practice Video: Creating eBooks with iPads!

iPads in the First Grade Classroom

Mrs. Hutter’s class has been very productive with the iPads! The class has used the iPads for Math and ELA. The students have created eBooks, practiced Math facts, and gained fluency with sight words.


Below is a quick video about learning with iPads in the first grade classroom.

The students created non-fiction ebooks using the iPad and wrote and illustrated traditional books.

Hutter2   Hutter1   Hutter3


Hutter4   Hutter5


Mobile Learning

The region is alive with the tap, tap, tap of students and teachers interacting with mobile devices. Whether facilitating mobile_learning-150x150an Appy Hour workshop, Conducting an iPad Pilot, or working in districts as they move toward a more mobile learning environment, there is an excitement in the air. Students and educators are welcoming this new way to learn that allows for a student centered classroom in which the ownership of learning is on the holder of the device.  Alan November discusses the ownership of learning in this article Don’t Plan For Technology: Plan For Learning

A common denominator of mobile device or one-to-one computer implementation is having achievable goals, appropriate budget, constant professional development and regular meeting of stakeholders. There are several interesting articles listed here – Keys To Successful Mobile Learning that detail how districts are slowly, but surely implementing a 1-to-1 computer, BYOD, or mobile device initiative.

Effective Practice Video – iPads

Working with educators and students to create Effective Practice Videos is a great way to illustrate how to effectively integrate technology into curriculum to engage students and enhance learning.

iPads in the Primary Classroom

Project Based Learning with iPads

iPads and Speech Pathology