STEAM Pilot – Educators Exploring the Possibilities!

During the 2015-2016 school year educators have explored STEAM Technologies such as Hummingbird Robotics, Scratch and Snap Coding, and littleBits Robotics through a 5 week pilot. During the pilot theory, integration, lessons, and hands on experiences allowed for participants to fully understand how STEAM can fit in any learning environment and truly engage students.

After their participation in the STEAM Pilots many have taking what they have learned and brought it to the library and classroom.


STEAM Bootcamps will held this summer at Monroe #1 BOCES Technology Services.


Highlight Videos!


Take a look at the awesome examples!

Hummingbird Robotics VideoSherman Coding Club

littleBits Library Club

IMG_0238 IMG_0234

Exploring STEAM Using Scratch Coding, Hummingbird Robotics, and littleBits Robotics

The Library Media Specilaist and Instructional Technology Specialist at Monroe #1 BOCES recently held a STEAM pilot.

The pilot includes an introductory session and facilitated, interactive exploratory sessions. Come and learn how coding and robotics can offer an inquiry-based learning experience for students, which is creative, technology bases, and addresses CCLS.

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