Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety

commonsensemediaAs a Certified Educator for Digital Citizenship through Common Sense Media, I can’t express how Digital Citizenship is a timely and important topic for students, teachers, and school cultures. This year I worked with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students using Common Sense Media’s Digital Passport Modules to teach students about Digital Citizenship.


Digital Passport offers interactive modules for students to learn about different aspects of Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship.

The Modules included are:DigitalPassport

Communication – Twalkers – the module discusses cell phone etiquette and safety.

Privacy – Share Jumper – the module discusses online safety with communication and passwords.

Upstander – E-volve – the module discusses standing up to a Cyberbully and appropriate behavior online.

Search – Search Shark – the module discusses effective searching on the internet.

Creative Credit – Mix-n-Mash – the module discusses how to give creative credit where credit is due with images, text, and music.

Students were eager to share connections, ask questions, and learn about Digital Citizenship. The interactive modules engaged them throughout the entire lesson and student applied their learning by creating a Public Service Announcement using the information they learned from Digital Passport and classroom discussions.

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