Schoology Workshop

schoology-heroWhat is Schoology? Schoology is a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows for 24/7 access and interaction with students. Schoology is safe and is available via online or APP.


Brighton Schoology Users/Help Course – 627XG-3MJZN



Getting Started With Schoology:

Educators & students can assess Brighton’s Schoology environment at

Log in is the same as the Microsoft Office Log in for teachers and students (

All rosters and courses are/will be integrated into Brighton’s Schoology environment through SchoolTool


What Can I Do In Schoology?

  • Through Discussions, Quizzes/Test, Assignments, and Polls teachers will have visible evidence of student learning.

  • Teachers can create a Hybrid Learning Experience, The Flipped Classroom, or a resource repository

  • Students can access resources, hand in assignments, communicate with teacher and experience rich conversations with their peers

What Other Features are in Schoology?

  • There is a Gradebook Feature that allows forSchoologyIcon the following:

  • Creating Categories

  • Weighting Grades

  • Creating Rubrics

  • Align with CCLS and Other Standards

  • Seamless grading with annotations features


Tips & Tricks

  • View as a student

  • Submit a text assignment

  • Uploading assignments

  • View as Web through App

  • Share with parents

  • Student Portfolios





Doreen Pietrantoni

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